Giving to the Institute

The Institute defines support in diverse ways to give you as many options as possible to assist in our mission. We consider “friend-raising" as important as fund-raising. Your financial contributions and support help us to develop and strengthen our programs and offerings, both on campus and in the community. We invite you to scan the options below for a way to begin contributing to the life of the Institute.  With your energy, enthusiasm, and financial assistance, we will continue to grow. We thank you for your support!


The Lee Roy B. Giles Encouragement Award

small_Lee-Roy-Giles_0.jpgThe late Lee Roy B. Giles had a tremendous heart for the youth community. Though he was a talented and accomplished actor, he still devoted much of his life to finding ways to encourage young people in their endeavors toward a better future. The Lee Roy B. Giles Encouragement Award is presented to two students in African American Studies each year as a cash grant to help with educational expenses and reflects Mr. Giles commitment to and legacy of empowering the youth.

Find out more about this award and how you can contribute.


You may direct your gifts to the Institute for African American Studies  to several funds detailed below. We encourage you to consider a recurring payment schedule for your gifts so that you establish ongoing participation in the life of the Institute. If you would like to discuss your gifts and the programs they support, please do not hesitate to contact the AFAM office to schedule an appointment with the director.

Foundation Fund

Your gifts to the Foundation Fund support the heart of African American Studies at UGA and are vital to realizing our mission. Foundation Fund contributions provide AFAM the flexibility it needs to offer cutting edge programs on campus and in the community. In short, your gifts supply lifeblood to African American Studies at UGA.

Major Gifts

If are considering a major gift to AFAM to endow a particular program, scholarship, or facility, please contact the AFAM office to schedule an appointment with the director.

Planned Giving (Including Bequests & Trusts)

If you are considering including AFAM in your legacy, please contact the AFAM office to schedule an appointment with the director.

Become an AFAM Member

We are in the process of creating an AFAM Membership opportunity for parents, alumni, and community members to keep you in the loop about AFAM and to keep AFAM informed about your priorities. Please stay tuned.



We invite you to support AFAM by getting involved in the life of the Institute. Central to our mission is the maintenance and growth of a vital community of students, faculty, administrators, parents, and community members. We offer many ways for you to befriend AFAM, and we hope that you’ll share your time and your ideas with us. Please join us by searching the website for opportunities and contacting the main office to let us know that you would like to get involved.

Attend Events

AFAM offers many great events both on campus and in the community. Please check our News & Events listings and the Community section of the website for details. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Volunteer at Events

One of the best ways to participate in the life of AFAM is by volunteering at events. We invite students, faculty members, administrators, and community members to lend your time and expertise to push our events to the next level.

Host an Event in Your Area

Most of our programs take place on campus or in Athens, but surrounding areas have much to offer, and we invite parents, alumni  and community members  to propose an outing to your area for AFAM students. Please share the richness of your life with our students.